Thanks for visiting MyBigWalk.  My name is Laurie Lico Albanese, and if you’ve been following MyBigWalk you know I turned 50 this year and resolved to spend it walking an hour each day. You may also know I’m a happily married woman, the mother of a college-age daughter and a son in high school, a tennis-playing, yoga-practicing, New York born and educated outdoor enthusiast.

But before I became all of those things I was a writer. I’ve been writing even longer than I’ve been exercising regularly, and I’ve  been published in almost every genre including fiction, poetry, journalism, creative nonfiction, and memoir.  You can read more about my books — BLUE SUBURBIA: Almost a Memoir, LYNELLE BY THE SEA, and THE MIRACLES OF PRATO, co-written with my best friend and art historian Laura Morowitz — at my author website.

I’m the recipient of a New Jersey State Council in the Arts Fellowship in Fiction Writing, and a Catherine R. Dodge Foundation Fellowship to theblue suburbia cover Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. BLUE SUBURBIA was among the best books of the year selected by the independent booksellers association Booksense, an Entertainment Weekly magazine Editor’s Choice, and a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize.I’ve been teaching and tutoring writers for more than fifteen years.  From 2004 through 2008 I taught at Wagner College on Staten Island, where I developed a popular memoir writing class I now teach to adults in Montclair. 

I hope you’ll visit my website . And hey — thanks for walking along this journey with me.


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. atzin cardenas Says:

    You have most certainly inspired me. I will start my one hour a day walk. I have everything I need, feet, shoes, a pedometer, a watch, and a beautiful track near my home. The track is the best place for me to start.
    What a wonderful way to live life!

  2. Karthik Says:


    Really nice to see your website and your efforts to walk one hour for one year with out any break… I also want to walk 1 hour for next 365 days but I am aged 40 only 🙂 …But your writings on the walking inspires me and encourages alot … Thanks alot for sharing your experience

  3. Andi Says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours looks great, too. I love these things. You get to know such great people. I’ll be back again and again.

  4. Jeri Says:

    Wow, Laurie, I’d love to walk with you. I’m 50 and a walking fool myself. Where and when?
    I’m there!
    Jeri Leer
    p.s. Elaine, you rock. I’m so inspired.

  5. kalyani Says:

    Laurie, I didn’t realise you are such a celebrated writer – all I knew from your posts was that you are very good. Wish I could attend one of your classes some day

  6. Tom Brennand Says:

    Dear Laurie,
    I just finished “The Miracles of Prato”, and
    it was a great read. The Italian Renaissance is my favorite period in history and I really felt like I was in Prato.
    I plan to study about Lippi in greater detail and have purchased the Ruda book and a recent pictorial of the fresco after restoration.
    Yours truly, Tom Brennand

  7. Hi Laurie

    I really enjoy your blog — and just cited it
    in a post called “Fruitful Footfalls” in my
    motivational blog for writers (karinwritesdangerously). Hope you check it out! By the way, loved your Creating a Sense of Place MEWS Master Class — it inspired a great chapter in my YA novel!

    Write On!
    Karin Abarbanel

  8. Nadynee Says:

    Why can’t I find a full biography of your life? I need one for my poetry project and I can barely find anything. :/

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