blue suburbia cover

If you like My Big Walk you might really enjoy my bittersweet memoir, BLUE SUBURBIA: Almost a Memoir. It’s easy to read (“It took me an hour to read Laurie’s book,” says Ilene Beckerman, author of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, “but I’ll remember it forever.”  ) and it’s moving, honest, and funny — at least that’s what Entertainment Weekly said when they made it an Editor’s Choice, and what Booksense 2004 said when they named it one the best books of the year.

Read more about BLUE SUBURBIA on my website, or buy it here.

For a funprato cover watermark cropped, juicy romp through Renaissance Italy, you’ll want to check out THE MIRACLES OF PRATO — a book I was lucky enough to co-write with my dear friend, art historian Laura Morowitz.  The Philadelphia Inquirer says, “Art and power define the life of the very real Fra Filippo Lippi in this fictional work by Laurie Albanese, a novelist, and Laura Morowitz, an art historian. The two friends teamed up for this historical novel set in mid-15th-century Tuscany, which…paints its own vibrant portrait of enduring works created within severe social constraints.”

Read more about THE MIRACLES OF PRATO on my website, or buy it here.

2 Responses to “Read My Books”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I read both of these books & think you are one of the most talented writers I’ve read. My Italian neighbor still has my copy of The Miracles of Prato….I’ll have to get it back.
    As far as your “Big Walk” I just got the email from Rosemarie & think it’s terrific.
    I’ve been walking/jogging my whole life, all over the world. I just finished the Costa Rican marathon in San Jose last week!!!! However, I have to tell the truth….I ran along at the end of it next to a lady who was obviously one of the last ones. I had fun talking to her, cheering her along to keep going. Her husband was along side us on his motorcycle, trying to divert the traffic which started up again. I finished the last couple of miles with her & watched at the finish line as they placed a medallion around the proud lady’s neck.

    Keep up the walk!! Merry Christmas too!!

  2. Joan Says:

    I plan to pick up both of the books next time I am at Barnes and Noble, Can’t wait.

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