Day 153

It’s music day! Anna’s walking & running song for this week is the Counting Crows’ Mr. Jones, which just happens to be one of my all-time favorites right up there with Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby**. Since I love ’em both, here they are…

And remember, my friends: **if you’ve never stared off into the distance then your life is a shame.


Day 147

I am over the rainbow (look closely and you’ll see it).

On the beach.

And walking along the edge of where the ocean meets the land, just like I’m walking on a wire in circus. (Bonus points if you can name the song where those lyrics are found.)

I’m on Singer Island with four generations of Albanese women: my daughter, myself, my mother-in-law Rosemarie, and Nana.  I’ve been coming to this beautiful paradise for twenty-five years. I fell in love with my husband here, introduced my babies to sand and sun here, and it is here that I first realized I am at my optimum mental health when I am able to be outside, exercising, three hours a day.

It rained buckets today at the end of our walk. Lightening was striking the ocean, and sharks were circling close to shore. But the weather report for tomorrow is sunshine. And I’m planning a day of tennis, swimming, writing, and walking on the beach. Just think — it’s all part of my job.

Day 131

Friday’s music day, folks! My sister-in-law Anna is getting in on the action by sending me songs about walking. Her selections this week are “Walking On Sunshine,”  played here by Aly & A.J.,  and “Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

“Walking on Sunshine” is an inspired choice — especially given the weather. But if you think these walking songs are too tame, never fear.  Anna is a HUGE Metallica fan. And I’m sure her music selection next week will have some surprises for all of us.

Day 12

Plugged or unplugged: that is the (first) question. 

The second, of course, is: what are you listening to?

“I walk along and dance when I walk,” says Pam,  the How Not to Act Old blogger who charted my uphill launch walk earlier this month.  Pam recommends Duffy, “now one of my favorites,” and the tune “Warwick Avenue” in particular. 

My daughter Melissa runs every day, and wouldn’t dream of putting on her sneakers without grabbing for her I-Pod.   The American group, oddly enough called Of Montreal, tops Melissa’s favorite on-the-go music these days, but beware the teenage playlist: it’s hard, heavy, and filled with lyrics you’d never dream of listening to in your house.

Don’t believe me? Check out this song from Of Montreal, which I listen to when I walk with music, thanks to Melissa.   Like Leslie, who takes her daughter’s I-Pod for on-the-go motivation, I’m never quite sure what I’m going to hear on Melissa’s playlist. And that’s part of the fun.

Special thanks to Jessica for recommending the Ting Tings. LOVE ‘EM — especially “That’s Not My Name” (see video above).   This Indie British post punk duo with an edgy percussion strut to their sound must surely fit the Walking recommendation to pick music with a beat between 115 to 120 per minute to help keep your walk in rhythm.

Not only that, but the site’s walking maven Wendy Bumgardner points to research that says walking to music not only helps motivate walkers to go further, it also makes you smarter!

Got other walking favorites? Post them on the comments page, and I’ll put up some new music links soon.