My 22-year-old daughter, Melissa, is in Phenom Pehn, the capital of Cambodia, where she will begin teaching English on Monday.  She is an adventurous soul with a beautiful  heart and an eye for the details about life and people that make for good writing and good living.   She’s also taking gorgeous photos of this place on the other side of the earth, where paved roads turn to yellow mud and luxurious houses shrink to shacks as you walk away from the city center.

Below is a link to her blog.  You can follow her directly, or you can read my feeds: I will be posting her blogs regularly.  This one features children selling souvenirs on the the beach…instead of going to school….and a wrenching insight into the unfortunate souvenir Melissa brought home from the coast.

How about YOU? Where have you ventured lately?



Day 310

At the beach, my daily motto is go with the flow.

Jetty where I did my yoga (I walked there, of course)

If that means doing yoga in the morning on the jetty while the waves crash offshore and the seagulls and sandpipers share the rocks, do it.

If that means singing The Sound of Music duets with your friends at midnight (as long as it’s not bothering anybody?), do it.

If it means jumping off a rock into the water to catch a broken umbrella…well, somebody’s gotta do it. And when the next umbrella breaks, somebody’s got to do that, too.

And if it means MyBigWalk is OurBigRide and it’s your 16-year-old son who’s pedaling beside you well then, you’re a lucky Mom.

Yup, that's my boy.

Day 172

Rainbow Over the Pacific

This wisdom just in from Hawaii: you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Something to think about, friends, as we’re impatiently waiting for “true spring” to arrive. There is a silver lining to every cloud. You just have to stay on your feet long enough. And you have to be looking up.

It helps if you’re in Hawaii, of course. Since I won’t be there anytime soon, here’s a glimpse of the beauty that rain and clouds can bring, all courtesy of Storey, who visited the islands with her family to celebrate a milestone birthday. Thanks, Storey!  And, as Melissa said to Savannah, “Next time, I’m hiding in your suitcase!”

Clouds at Sunset

One (if) By Land

Day 170

Thanks to all who were glad?! willing to hear me grumble and complain yesterday about walking in the rain (not).  It’s reassuring to know that other people  also struggle to get up and get motivated, and sometimes it’s precisely the people who seem most happy and together whose personal revelations surprise us the most.

For better or for worse, my husband Frank is NOT one of those people. I have lived with the man for more than twenty years now and can honestly tell you he is rarely grumpy, discouraged, or down. It can be damn ANNOYING to live with a person who always sees the glass half full and the tides always rising. But most of the time it is pretty splendid.

Here are some pictures from a long, lovely walk we took this weekend at Ocean Grove on the first day of spring.

I’m really glad I took these pictures. Sometimes it takes a bunch of photographs to remind me that sunny days are right behind us, and just ahead, as well.

Day 152

From Singer Island, Florida to Sag Harbor, New York…from family folk Melissa, Rosemarie, and Nana to dear friends Leslie and Pam. I’m here to craft the final revisions of my new novel, The Hundred Year Storm. But I still had time for a great walk along the bay this morning!

* and no, I do not mean “one by-otch” to another. I literally mean the sandy stuff between my toes. C’mon now!