Wall of Walkers

Day 176

I cannot tell you how much FUN it is to receive your pictures and hear your stories. You could have heard my jaw drop when I opened an email and found gorgeous pictures from Kalyani (third from the left, flanked by her daughters) who lives and walks in the foothills of India, near the southern tip of the country.

Yes, I did say INDIA. Kalyani says:

I live in Ootacamund, India where walking is easy because the climate is cool and the surroundings green and full of great views. The only snag is one has to walk up and down the hills.I have been inspired a lot by your blog, even starting my own to record the positive things happening in my 50th year. And to walk too.

I’m hoping we’ll have a guest post from her next week, but in the meanwhile you can check out her lovely blog — in honor of her 50th year — here. It’s called mittaipink, a reference to the India’s equivalent to our expression, stop and pick the daisy. In India, they say, add a dash of miitaipink. And that’s what Kalyani’s done!

Closer to home, (but not that close!), I’m thrilled to welcome Amy from California to MyBigWalkers. She says, I am a kindergarten teacher, aspiring writer and blogger, mother of three grown-up daughters and am in training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to be held in Santa Barbara, California in September 2010. I had a minor setback when I broke my ankle in January but I am just now getting back in to my hour a day walk.  I love your blog because it encourages me to keep writing and keep walking.

I’m looking forward to hearing updates on Amy’s progress, and to posting photos from the Avon Walk in September.

Folks, stories like this are inspiration for me. So consider this your MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATOR…finding friends and fellow walkers around the world!


Day 84

The strip of Vegas, that is…

While the rest of us were fumbling with snow boots and digging hats and gloves out of the attic, MyBigWalker  Storey was in sunny Vegas, doing the strip and having a grand old time.  Here’s what she reports from that sunny tract of hotels and forever-holidays West of the Mississippi:

“Eight of my closest girl friends from college planed a trip to Las Vegas because we’re all turning 50 in 2010. We had a late night and agree to go to the gym early Friday morning.

After about a half hour of weights and tread mills I couldn’t take it another minute. It was 50 degrees and sunny and I had to get outside.

With a bit of a hangover and the wind at my back I took to the street at a brisk walk. This city had a rhythm and I found myself running ( I am not a runner). There were stairs and an overpass about every three blocks that crossed over the strip, I could see the whole city and even the mountains in the distance. The sights were amazing, I ran past “Paris,” “New York,” “The Pyramids,” Caesars, Elvis’, fountains, and strip clubs.  I got the feeling that people were staring at me wondering how anyone could be running so early after spending a night in Las Vegas.

I was wondering that myself.

But I was pumped.  I was dodging pedestrians, bounding up flights of stairs and feeling like Rocky Balboa. I stopped to snap a few pictures of Sin City while crossing over the street on the pedestrian overpass. I was invigorated beyond words. My enjoyment of this  “walk” was fabulously unexpected and with an open mind and a pumping heart (Vegas is at over 4,000 feet above sea level) and a huge smile on my face, I enjoyed the view! Viva Las Vegas!”

Day 64

CONTEST UPDATE: Two made me laugh and one made me sigh at the narrative flow of her imagintion. Here are MyBigWalkers‘ reflections (to date) on those Weird Coconutty Things found in the forest. And there’s still one more day to enter the free book contest!

Those are honey pots. Duh.      
 – Pooh.

I do believe these weird coconut looking things are the new and improved homes of the Smurfs. They opted out of the mushrooms to a more eco-friendly and energy efficient form of housing…hope you guys didn’t step on Papa Smurf…   – Cara             

I have never seen anything like that before but I’m guessing gigantic acorns (with the inside eaten out). Maybe they’re prehistoric- or growing on some growth hormone inducing toxic waste. I’d love to see them in person because they’re just toooo weird                    – Donna

                     What coconutty things you  can see    
                     If you take a walk with me
                     Don’t know what the heck they are
                     Maybe fallen from a star
                     Look like pods from outer space
                     Another vegetable alien race
                     Can you eat them I don’t know
                     Oh please sign my book Prato!

                                                  – Cowgirl Storey

Once upon a time very long ago in a forest not far from here lived a little girl named Coco. She had a very sad life, as her family was poor and rarely had enough to eat. One day Coco was sitting on a fallen tree limb in the forest crying softly, for it was Christmas Eve and for her and her family it was just another day to struggle and be hungry. Suddenly, she felt something soft and warm on her leg, and looking down, she saw a little bunny rabbit holding out a clean leaf for her to use to wipe away her tears. “What’s wrong little girl” the rabbit asked. “I am so tired, so hungry, so cold, and I guess that I and my family will always be this way.” The bunny rabbit instantly knew that he had come upon the little girl who lived in the forest with her family that all of the forest creatures had been talking about… (please go to Comments to read more)  — Rosemary


Evidence of prehistoric breast implants (they were much softer at one point and could actually store milk for the little prehistoric cave children)  — Laura

These are the acorn shells used by the ancient Atlantans to escape the continent when it was sunk by an evil giant squirrel. When the little people denied his demand to be crowned king, he stomped his feet until the land sunk under the sea. He didn’t survive but, thanks to his slovenly habit of leaving his acorn shells all over the place, the Atlantans were able to scramble inside and float to the surface. How they sealed the tops has remained a mystery to scientists for more than 6000 years…(read more on the COMMENTS page) – Shirley

I see 7 and not seeing another 3, i’m guessing. they’re giant acorn shells left behind by giant squirrels… oh no, don’t look behind you — Bernadette

Day 36

So – I’m not the only walking blogger out there.  Au contraire, mon cher (I know, enough with the French already…just one more day, please). 

In Montreal there’s Dara — a college student who doesn’t own a car. danaShe says, “I walk everywhere, in all weather, and I like it….” You’ll find her at A Walking Blog. I’m hoping to meet up with Dara for a walk next time I’m up at McGill (I’m pretty sure that’s her, but I think I’ll need to see her face if I’m going to recognize her up in Canada).

On the West Coast we have Wendy Bumgardner blogging, walking, and organizing the annual Vancouver Discovery Walk Festival.  I’ve been getting daily motivational updates from Wendy’s 10-week Walk for Life mini-course at About.com.

bookColorado-based author and Nordic walker Claire Walter has already been out snow-shoeing in the Rocky Mountains this yearyear. That’s her book cover, and you can see her beautiful photographs at NordicWalkingUSA.

In Cheshire, England, David Preston’s been going on some cows on mountainreally adventurous walks and showing off sharing some pretty spectacular photographs like this one.

And there’s Vic, across the ocean, who’s preparing to walk  from his home in the French Pyrenees, to the house where he was born in Blackpool, Northern England in 70 days, arriving on his 70th birthday, in July (great minds think alike, Vic!). His walk is being supported by Columbia, the outdoor outfitter, and will raise money for  Pancreatic Cancer UK. Check him out at Vic’s Big Walk.

And that’s about it, folks.  There are millions of us walking, and only a few of us keeping a public record of it. Which is why I’m positively thrilled to let you know that soon I’ll be a regular blog circle feature on the interactive community website, Vibrant Nation. My Wall of Walkers will be growing, and our leagues will be expanding.

So stay tuned. Keep sending updates to my Wall of Walkers  (thanks, Storey!). And remember, THERE IS NO WALL OF SHAME…(not yet, anyway).