More beautiful words from Melissa — and gorgeous silk necklaces from Cambodia, too!

Girl Meets World

A few nights ago, I dreamt about Cambodia.  In the dream, it was my last day working at Green International School, and I was spending it with my kids and coworkers.  Then, I was struck with a sense of panic: I did not, could not, leave, I was not ready to move home.  Dream-me planned to immediately cancel my flight, apologize to my parents, and stay.  I woke up, feeling panicked and teary, only to realize a few moments later than I am home.  And I’m (mostly) happy about it.

But some days (today, my dream day, and many others,) I miss it like crazy.  I miss my students, and teaching in general.  I miss watching them learn and improve.  The little things, like a student writing “cat” on their own, or drawing a picture of a flower complete with seeds, roots and a bumblebee for pollination was incredibly fulfilling…

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