Is there anyplace in the world that is truly colorblind?

Girl Meets World

One of the first things I was warned about before coming to Cambodia was to bring plenty of skin moisturizer and cosmetics from home. Why? Because the majority of products sold here have whitening powder in them.  Below is an example of an advertisement for moisturizing cream:

Unlike in the US, where we strive to look tan and sun-kissed, in Cambodia people avoid browning their skin to be any darker than it is.  Here, dark skin is a sign of a labourer – someone at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale who has to slave away in the hot sun all day.  Having white skin is seen as beautiful, as well as a status symbol.  (Similarly, men having long nails in Phnom Penh is also very common: if you have a higher pay job in a city, you can afford to have long nails, whereas if you were working…

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