Melissa Walks the Killing Fields

Girl Meets World

This is not going to be as cheerful a post as my last.  But the fact is, the memories of the Khmer Rouge and the genocide that killed roughly a third of Cambodia’s population three decades ago still greatly effect life here.  In the weeks I’ve been here, numerous Khmer people have readily brought up the genocide to me: from the street vendor I wrote about in my last post, to the tuk tuk driver whose first question to me was had I visited the killing fields yet, to the wasted, barefoot Khmer at the bar who referred to himself only as Mr. Bombastic.  Everyone here was touched by it.  It’s a part of Cambodia’s history and culture that cannot be ignored – and yet I don’t think we learn or talk about it nearly enough in the West.

The rebel Khmer Rouge won the civil war they were waging…

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