More from my daughter in Cambodia, where she is amazing me every day.

Girl Meets World

This has been an exciting week! Student teaching began Monday.  My students call me Chur (as in, Teachur.)  I have nine kids age 6-13 at the orphanage in the mornings, and work with the restaurant staff at my hotel at night.  Not all of the kids are actually orphans: many come from families living in the provinces that are too poor to support them.  These families send their kids to the orphanages for most of the year, where they are housed, fed and educated, and pick them up for the holidays.  The kids eat well there, too!  Rice is their primary staple, as it is in most of the country.  They own a rice field, about an hour down the road, but are often given several bags a month from local benefactors.  On site, they grow dragon fruit, mangos, coconuts, star fruit, bananas and chili plants – all…

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