Second Day of the Last Week of MyBigWalk

Guy Whitlock Goes to the Head of the Class

On the third day of school I rushed out of the house and arrived at Mt. Hebron Middle School at 7:20 (five minutes late for school, some things never change!).  Guy Whitlock, the school’s new principal, was easy to find.  At well over six-feet  he was  taller than everyone else in the main office and that was a good thing because everyone was clamoring for his attention.   Crisp and cool in white shirt and tie, Whitlock’s expression was focused, sharp, thoughtful and — when it broke into smile — sunny as hell….

It was picture day, and the school office was filled with boxes and books, students and teachers, ringing phones and pressing schedules. Shall I come back for our scheduled walk another day, I asked.

“Every day can be like this,” Whitlock said with a broad smile and easy shrug as we set off for his morning stroll around the school. “It’s a big learning curve.”

Every so often you come across someone whose light and energy is unmistakable. Guy Whitlock is that kind of man… to read about the morning walk I took with him, please visit Baristanet.

And remember, walking to school is a great way for kids to get fresh air and the kind of relaxing cardio exercise that gets their day off to a great start.