Day 360

OK, I’m confused. I started this walk on October 1, 2009 and planned to finish up the year on October 1, 2010. But by  my own calculations I’m on day 360….and it’s only September 20th.

Clearly something’s gone wrong!?

On the one hand I’d really like to attribute this error to my aging mind. You  know, over 50 and all. But I know people who are really old — say, 56 or even 57 —  who can balance their checkbooks, mentally tally the bar tab, and  keep track of the tennis score while we’re playing while they’re beating me and so  I’m pretty sure my incorrect calculations are not due to the ravages of time and age.

Luckily I’m a creative writer and therefore at no loss for an explanation.   In a world where anything is possible I’ve truly managed to log 360 days of walking in 355 days: I’d call that the James-Frey-memoir style of walking. Then there’s the magical realism explanation: I have walked 360 days in 355 calendar days because my reality and your reality are not necessarily the same. I’d call that the  Carlos Castaneda way of things only without the mushrooms. Or, if you prefer, the Wittgenstein version of truth as I understand it: in this room 2+2=5 because numbers are language and language is a construct and so if I say 350 + 4 = 360 who are you to differ?

Perhaps numbers don’t matter at all? Or  wishful thinking erased five days from this calendar year? Or Einstein was right and imagination really is more important than knowledge.

Wait wait, I know.

I just messed up.

Walking  toned my thighs. But it didn’t do a damn thing for my math skills.