Day 355

I love the first day of school.  Nervous butterflies, new notebooks,  stiff shoes, the smell of autumn in the air all add up to a new beginning, a feeling that anything can happen now.  This morning I drove my son to high school and then walked around town. Everywhere I looked there were little kids jumping up and down in their new sneakers and backpacks and parents bending to tuck away stray pieces of hair and snap photos.

First day of kindergarten, first grade, second grade…before you know it’s middle school, high school, and then you’re driving your baby off to a dorm room in another state or, in our case, another country.

I haven’t been a student for a long time, but I still feel like autumn brings new beginnings, new dreams, new starts, and new perspective on just about everything. Summer is gone and like it or not we let go of the melancholy that August brings and give in to the excitement of September.

We don’t leave summer behind as much as we bring it up to the present of today — the dreams and projects we started then, or imagined we might begin, don’t have to be left behind. And we don’t have to stand on the corner watching the school buses go by wishing for a new start of our own. The new beginning, or potential for a new beginning even for things that seem dormant, is always within us. It’s here right now.