Day 353

The path from my front door.

If you’ve been walking with me from the beginning you may remember the infinity route — walking in a large figure eight through town,  etching the infinity symbol into the earth, tracing the path with your body.

I walked an infinity route with Pam a few times, and with Toni a number of times. My favorite infinity walk goes through one park in a circle, cuts across a few streets and then loops through another park. It takes me past the train station, along the railroad tracks, by my old yoga instructor’s home, into the park where the fountains sometimes dance along and sometimes spring up in what my pal Just-so John once called the ‘Drama of the Fountains.’

Now that the year’s gone by I’ve been walking more on my own, thinking about the people I’ve walked with and gotten to know better along the way. Since getting to know people is one of the best things in life — yes, there’s sex love and laughter, passion and process,  family and food and yoga and tennis and the beach and let’s not forget vodka wine and travel GOD let’s not forget TRAVEL! — I’m finding that what I’m thinking about along the way are the people I’ve met along the way.

When we say life’s a journey and not a destination, I think that’s one of the most important things of all: life is the people you meet along the way. Some you learn from, some you learn to love, some you teach, some hurt you, some help you, some you hurt and some you help.  The best friends are the ones who bring all that to the equation in both directions: helping one another, teaching one another, loving one another. I’ve made some new friends this year who I’m pretty sure will be in my life for a long time.  That’s been the best part of MyBigWalk, Year One. And I think that’s why I’m walking the infinity loop again and again. To remind myself that what’s good in life keeps coming back again and again. Even on the days when you think it’s gone.