Day 320

Undeterred by the uproar in New Jersey about a question of safety in Newark’s Branch Brook Park, the New York Times ran a front page story this week about pedestrian safety in the Big Apple. Some of the interesting statistics to come out of a just-released Department of Transportation study:

* It’s safer to jaywalk than to cross in the cross walk (yes, I did double check my logic on that one).

* BUT –  jaywalkers who are hit by an automobile are more likely to die in the collision than those in the cross walk who are hit.

* People who live in Manhattan are more likely to be killed walking there than visitors from outside the borough (47% of those killed in Manhattan live there).

* It’s safer to walk to the RIGHT of moving traffic, rather than to the left.

* Taxis account for half of NYC’s traffic on any given day.

For the full story, check out Tuesday’s New York Times under the headline: DEADLIEST FOR WALKERS: Male Drivers, Turning Left.