Day 299

I walked the fountains park with Leslie today and it was great to be back home with my regular walking buddy. I love the heat and adore summer, and when I came home this evening the scent of freshly watered grass somehow smelled like the Long Island Sound did when I was a girl.

It’s fact that the olfactory center is located right next to the memory center in the brain. That’s why your sense of smell can trigger such vivid memories and strong emotions.

When I walked up my front walkway this evening, I wished I could go home and see my father standing in our yard, watering the lawn and grilling hamburgers. Alas, all I was able to do was look up at the full moon and remember him  pointing out the constellations when I was a little girl.

When I walk I mostly like to empty my mind and let it wander. But sometimes I’m drawn back to the past, to remembering how much I loved to run (and to swim) when I was young.

How about you? Do you go back in your memory when you walk? Do you empty your mind? Do you plan out your day, or play out your fantasies?

I’d love to hear from you. Where are you now? What are you seeing, thinking, and feeling on your summer walks?