Day 298

The Leopold Museum, Vienna. July 2010.

So you go across the ocean and live out of your suitcase and see lots of wonderful places and feel the sadness in some places and the joy in other places and eventually you come home and you unpack and you look at all your pictures and you realize that while you were away you thought your life was breaking wide open and about to change and that everything would look different when you got home and you realize it does — it does look different — and that sort of scares you.

So what do you do?

If you’re me, you sit down at your desk and you comb through everything you’ve written in the last few months and look over all the notes about all the places you went and the things that you saw, and then you find a nice piece you wrote about feeling gracious and grateful about life and peace and you remember that walking makes you feel peaceful and so you walk and then you walk some more and then when you’re all walked out you sit down and write a little note about life going on and on and on when you’re home and going on and on when you’re away and when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake and even when you’re not watching it carefully, life keeps coming.

And then you remember that you started walking in the first place because on some days you have trouble sleeping and concentrating until you’ve gone out walking and so you go out and walk some more and  you look around at all the places that are familiar and comforting to you, and you go back home and you take off your sneakers and you go to bed and you think, Man, I am glad to be home.

The John Lennon Wall. Prague, July 2010.