Day 283

This is really the view from my balcony in the Mosaic House in Prague — the hippest, best place to stay in all of the Czech Republic.

“It feels like home,” Rosemarie says. It’s after midnight, and we’re sitting in the hotel lobby/bar, listening to some good old American rock. The colors are mute brown and silver-grass green, like the inside of an eco-friendly Apple store. We are surrounded by mellow beautiful and somewhat drunk hostel-hoppers in their twenties. “It feels good to come back to here,” my mother-in-law says. I am amazed, again, at her ability to appreciate life and so much of what is energetic and avante guard, but that story is for a different day.

The Mosaic House just opened a month ago and it deserves its New York Times In Transit blog accolades and then some. From the moment we walked into this sleek hotel-hostel and checked in with Cat — an American from Atlanta, Georgia — we have been in heaven.

Don’t have that extra bed you’re supposed to have in your room? No problem — we’ll give you two rooms decorated in deep plumb and soft white.

Traveling with a broken camera and can’t upload your photos? No problem — David will go out this afternoon and find you a card reader, which will only cost 15 bucks and which he will charge to your room!

Entertaining your daughter’s friends on the balcony ? (Yes, this is really my balcony, this is really my room, this is really me at sunset tonight after walking five hours through a medieval village.) No problem: here’s a corkscrew, a bucket of ice, and if you walk down the street you can buy four bottles of wine for 2 bucks each and everyone will love them.

Come to Prague, friends. Walk everywhere. And stay in Mosaic House.

The night we arrived (after 12, thank you very much, suffering from Budapest melancholy) Rosemarie and I piled into the elevator with a couple of very cute blond boys. They were not much older than my son. And they were pretty “happy.”

One looked at my mother-in-law and gave her a beaming smile.

“Don’t you love Prague?” he said.

She smiled back. “Yes, we do.”

Traveling is a great equalizer, and staying in a hotel that has the energy of a hostel and the service of a 4-star palace is the best way to be where you are, and happy there.

Which we are!