Day 271 & photos won’t upload here in Wien, sorry 😦

We walked five miles — or would that be five hours? — before we reached Monarch wine bar in  Old Town.

We started at the river, took a boat ride through the canals on the Vltava, walked past the Anglo-American University and through a lot of winding streets behind Melissa who did keep saying, “I’m pretty sure it’s this way,” and then stopping with a puzzled look on her face.

Never mind — we saw everything and then some, from the Rococo Charles Bridge to the really weird baby statues (I refuse to reproduce them here), to the Prague Castle, the cool  but gothic-somber Saint Vitus Cathedral, and our favorite part of the day, the mannerist gardens of Albrecht von Wallenstein where he built an elaborate garden right under King Leopold’s thousand windows. The castle was too much for us, but we adored the maze in the garden, the fountains, and most of all the stalactite wall with hidden gargoyles and many strange animals and demonic faces. I think Rosemarie got it right when she said it looked like something out of Dante’s Divine Comedy — hell, specifically — because we later found out that it was built in the 1620s, and modelled on Renaissance ideals and influences.

After that we walked until we reached Monarch wine bar.  We might even have walked in a few circles.

“An no” means “yes” in Czech, which is why we ended up with two bottles of crisp, cool, light Muller Thurgau white Moravan wine with dinner. But we’d earned it.