Day 259

On the Lenape Trail in Verona Park

Speaking of hiking, I had the great pleasure of joining local trail activist Steve Marano on a 2-hour hike along the Lenape Trail on Saturday morning. We started in Brookdale Park and followed those fading yellow trail blazes all the way up past the Presby Iris Gardens.

Steve is a great guide and a terrific example of someone who’s giving generously of his time for the simple reward of being part of something bigger than himself: in this case, he’s part of the revitalization of the 34-mile Lenape Trail and the completion of the 130-mile Liberty Water Gap Trail that will link one end of our Garden State (no snickers from the bleachers guys) to the other when it’s done.

I took a lot of photos and am writing up a short piece for a local e-zine that’s launching in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, if you live in town, get out and follow the yellow markers to see where they lead. And if you live somewhere else — go take a hike (on a trail), would you please!?