Day 251

Steve Marano is a guy with a day job who spends his weekends blazing trails and hiking through his home state. Since his

Steve Marano and Al Kent on the trail

home state happens to be mine now — New Jersey — I’m pretty excited about Steve’s efforts to revitalize the 34-mile Lenape Trail and the very ambitious 130-mile Liberty Water Gap Trail that connects the west and east ends of our great (no joke) garden state.

The Lenape Trail, named for the Native American tribe that lived along the Delaware River, connects about sixteen of our ounty’s most prominent parks, and is an important branch of the longer Liberty Water Gap Trail.

When Steve says his group is re-blazing and re-vitalizing the Lenape Trail, it sounds a little intimidating. But when you get down to basics it means he’s walking the trail, marking the trail with new signs developed and produced by the county, and promoting trail awareness for everyone from the casual dog-walker to the local scout troops and right on up to those people who are devoting their lives to walking, hiking, and promoting safe streets and complete communities that embrace the outdoor excursion as a necessity for quality of life community development and daily living.

As walking and green efforts gain momentum across the country we need guys like Steve Marano and Al Kent, the 87-year old creator of the Lenape Trail and the man who’s spearheading the larger Liberty Water Gap Trail effort, leading the way for us, getting us off our butts and out into the woods.

If you have a chance to support a project like this in your neighborhood, or would like to join me when I team up with Steve to put up some of those trail markers, let’s get started. The trails are only as good as we make them!

If you want to help out with the Lenape Trail, click here. And watch for more about Steve, Al, and their trailblazing adventures, this summer.