Day 251

When is walking, art? When you’re New York performance artist Marie-Christine, who schedules a public walk each month and asks people to join her — in person, or virtually. The Swiss-born artist posts, twitters, and otherwise broadcasts the day, time, and place of her Let’s Take a Walk event, and invites fellow walkers to send photos and video footage from their simultaneous walks.

Her most recent walk took place today, Sunday, June 13th, on Governor’s Island in New York City.

June 13th 2010 on the steps of the museum in Madison

I didn’t go to the island, but I did do my own art walk, timed with Marie-Christine’s, in Madison New Jersey.

Befitting the theme of walking art, I took part in Madison Artist Studio Tour (sponsored by MACA) where we visited the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, some local coffee shops,  and the home studio of my friend and gifted photographer, Amy Becker.

When you’re looking for reasons to walk and people to walk with — whether in person or virtually — you find all kinds of creative endeavors and all kinds of reasons to walk. This “concept walk” was my first, but it won’t be my last!