Day 247

As a bi-coastal walker who spends half his time in California and the other half in Philadelphia, MyBigWalker “Guys Walk Too” Ed has the opportunity to meet a lot of walkers and hear a lot of stories. He was good enough to write this week and share some notes from the field:

I was at my college reunion this past weekend and talked to Bruce who walks 5 miles per day in Taos. He ran the Leadville 100 and many long ones, but hip surgery forced him into walking. I think the biggest challenge most of us have is to keep it up. I had pneumonia this year and lost my momentum; I’m just getting it back now and that’s got me thinking about what kind of walker I am.

There are “accidental” walkers like Bruce, conscious walkers, sociable walkers, determined walkers like my Uncle Bill who, at 91, is doing 2 miles per day, every day. And, of course, the beach walking ladies who use the time to talk, talk, talk.

My friend Mary walks to talk with her buddies. My friend Bruce does it for the workout. My friend Jim pretends he’s running as I walk past him.

You can find the damndest things as you walk. Once I found the grave of a Colonel from the 1700’s off the Old Mine Road by the Watergap. I met a guy named Quinn who walked three or four hours a day to get rid of a heart problem – and it worked! The  doctor said it was a miracle. I met a young man walking the Appalachian Trail who lost both legs beneath the knee. It was his second thru hike! He used two sticks (a common practice now), but he was among the first to use dual adjustable hiking poles.

I’m in Pennsylvania this week and it messed up my walking rhythm. My dog Duke is in California  and when I’m there he refuses to do the hills with me when I’m there. There are so many excuses for not walking, but now that I write this, I’m determined to get back into my rhythm!

Thanks for inspiring me.  I really do love the blog.  – Ed