Day 239

Wandering through the Woods

Happy Monday Tuesday. It was a lovely long weekend. I hiked in the South Mountain Reservation, climbed a fallen tree, jogged and sprinted in 90 degree heat at high noon, swam in the lake, lifted forest stones instead of weights at the gym, and kayaked today to stretch out and strengthen my shoulder joints.

Now it’s time to get back into the routine. And just in case your enthusiasm was starting to lag, here’s the long-promised What Matters Most list, Part 2:

In case you don’t remember, What Matters Most is the stuff I realized while I was walking, or thinking about walking, or finding folks to walk with and walking and talking with them. In other words, is MyBigWalk Life Lessons — What Matters Most — Part  2.

1) Sometimes you have to get lost to find your way.

We Climbed Really High

2)  A good night’s sleep makes a world of difference.

3) If you’re going around in circles, it’s time to sit down and rest.

4) Regularity is comforting; but spontaneity is energizing.

5) Your children may be your best guides

6) Nothing’s more important than sharing the journey with others.

7) You may have to walk 1000 miles before you learn what matters most.

My lessons may not be yours. Maybe what matters most to you is different from what matters most to me. That’s why we each have our own walks, our own journeys, our own dreams and our own fears and failures.c

How about you? What (else) have you learned from your regular walking practice?