Day 226

I’ve  surprised myself by walking (cheerfully!?) through most types of weather and a variety of ailments with the exception of pneumonia. But I never anticipated that my favorite and most compliant walking partner of all — Smiling Sarah — would need to take a break from our sauntering routine.

Sarah came in from the yard Wednesday night with a red welt the size and shape of a half tennis ball marking her left rear haunch. She’s expected to make a full recovery from what the vets diagnosed as a “hot spot” of unknown origin, but after two visits to the vet, numerous shots, trims, and painful antiseptic baths, the poor thing is pretty much down for the count.  Today’s walk — her first since Wednesday — put her out of commission  for the rest of the day.

Two weeks ago we were all having fun sharing our favorite excuses for not walking: too hot, too cold, too early, too late, too hungry, too full and so on — you know the drill.

t’s one thing to convince yourself to put on your sneakers and slog through the rain. It’s altogether a different story to find something fun to say about it after you get home.

I’m not looking for any excuses, guys.  I have been walking. I was just too crazy to post. I’d like to say I won’t let it happen again. But the best I can do is promise that if there is another confluence of returning college children, my husband’s 50th birthday, a 2-day boat race, the final revisions of a novel, a speaking engagement, and two emergency trips to the vet, I’ll be sure to fill you in as soon as I can.