Day 212

Man oh man, I love MyBigWalkers. Mighty Martha, who hails from Lee County, Virginia, can talk a blue streak that’ll challenge any Southern raconteur.

Martha Doesn't ALWAYS Have Mint Stuck in Her Teeth

“Martha,” we tell her, “You should write a book.”

“I can’t write a lick,” she says.”I’m practically a retard except you’re not allowed to say retard anymore.”

“No, you’re not, Martha.  You’re not allowed to say that word anymore.”

“Ok but I still can’t write lick.”

But she can, folks. Yes she can. You can see for yourself in this email Martha sent out to friends and family this week. I swear, I haven’t changed a word:

I am joining my friend Laurie Lico Albanese in raising funds for cancer research.  If you are like me, you get asked for donations every 10 minutes.  Please do not feel obligated, but if you typically donate to the American Cancer society, please feel free to donate via our team.  I have provided the link below and just $5 bucks would be fabulous and will take less than 5 minutes. If all of my friends donated at least $5, then I would raise at least $5!!!

Just a note of disclosure.  The walk includes a camp out in Brookdale Park, and I will not be sleeping on the ground.  The last time that happened, I woke up with my head 3 inches from the campfire!

I am walking in memory of 3 special people who died from cancer.

Nell Rose Flanary– my childhood friend Alison’s mother and the first person that I ever knew to have breast cancer. (cancer period)  She was diagnosed in the late 70’s and her doctor told her that it was nothing to worry about when she expressed concern.  She was a wonderful lady who died much too soon.

WR “Dub” Hines – my father who died of lung cancer at just 61.

Leigh Klenke – a good tennis buddy who died of breast cancer just a few short years ago leaving behind two small children.

Luckily, I have many more friends that have beat cancer and with your support, we can wipe out this horrible disease!


Last I checked,  Martha is up to $95 in donations. I’ll let you do the math.  If you are a friend of Martha’s, or would like to be, I hear she’s selling spots on her BFF list, and it’s only 5 bucks a pop. Who says good things don’t come cheap?