Day 209

Since getting almost-pneumonia, I’ve come up with an impressive  variety of creative excuses and half-excuses to either justify not  walking or — even worse — tell myself I’ve already walked, or sort of  already walked, or walked enough for one day with almost- pneumonia forGod’ssakes!

Here, for your enjoyment, are my favorites…

1. OH MY GOD, I have pneumonia?!

2. I have almost-pneumonia and a fever.

3. It’s raining and I’m on antibiotics, I’ll just get sicker if I go out walking. Won’t I?

4. I walked up and down the stairs (from basement to 3rd floor and back again) at least a dozen times today so if I walk the dog for twenty minutes that should count (especially since I am recuperating from almost-pneumonia!)

5. I think that twenty-minute walk yesterday gave me a relapse.

6. I walked an hour yesterday and had to sleep for 13 hours — I can’t do that again.

7. I walked 12 NYC blocks from the car to the Neue Gallerie and 12 more on the way back.  And I walked around the museum for 3 hours without sitting once — surely that counts as a big walk, especially since I am still recovering from almost-pneumonia.

8. I’m better and I haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 weeks — I really can’t do both (yes, folks, join the Greek chorus…because I am still recovering from almost-pneumonia!)

9. It’s 88 degrees out. And I ran from the car to the Delaware River and walked up and down the river looking for my son’s regatta boat. It’s been forty minutes. Now that really counts….especially since I’m gonna have to walk uphill to the car when the day is over.

10. Anyway, nobody has to know. Right. I mean, if I don’t tell them, who’ll ever know?

So, what’s your excuse?