Day 203

Here’s something fun! Shirley in Michigan is doing a virtual walk across America, with help and inspiration from a free government website. Shirley writes…

I’m doing a virtual walk across America.using the website It’s a free and easy way to stay inspired to walk. The site shows a map starting in Virginia and ending in Eugene, Oregon. After each walk I enter the milage and it keeps track of weekly and monthly distance and even emails me if I miss a couple of days in a row. There are logs for walking, running and biking.

Every time I enter my milage a picture comes up of where I would be if really walking there. I make that  my background on the computer as a reminder to change it every day. If the same picture is showing in 24 hours, I  get up and walk even if it’s doing figure eights through the rooms of my house. Once it showed a little dog in the road so I had to go an extra mile so he wouldn’t get hit by a car. The best thing about the site is how it’s stimulating my imagination.

I  passed the 500 miles goal last week and I’m now getting ready to enter Kentucky. I’ve been saying that for a couple of weeks now and  can’t seem to get there no matter how many miles I log. I believe the mapmakers are moving boundries just because they’re bored with the old ones. It  would be a lot easier to rack up miles if I’d stop putting my pedometers through the wash cycle. I average one every 2 months. I’m waiting for my 3rd to be delivered tomorrow — I hope!

If you’re looking for some new  Monday morning inspiration, I think this is a fun place to start! Shirley just bought a camera and promises to send us a photo, and an update on her walk, next week.