Day 197

From Suzanne’s Files — a lovely blog about luxury everything, but especially those things I associate with the good life, like travel, arts, culture, food, and indulgences — here’s a wonderful post about 8 Great (deluxe) Walking Holidays. Their suggestions are tour-based, featuring independent companies that take groups on walking adventures everywhere from Iceland to China, Spain, Peru, Botswana, and Tibet.

Boundless Journeys is just one of their suggestions. I checked out the site, and this month’s featured journey is a trip to Mongolia — a place of sweeping plains, snow-covered mountains, and the Gobi Desert — that I can only dream of visiting.

Suzanne says: Steering clear of the more popular places to hike, Boundless Journeys chooses destinations for their richness of culture and natural beauty—places like Iceland, Bhutan, Palau and the Baja Peninsula, as well as off-the-beaten-path spots in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Promising hand-crafted journeys with a spirit of adventure, the firm has an enthusiastic team that travels regularly to acquire the first-hand knowledge that can make or break a walking vacation. Groups are generally between eight and 10 people, and accommodations can be anything from a five-star hotel to a thermal sleeping bag under the stars. After working up an appetite, you’ll happily devour the dinners of fresh regional cuisine, perhaps toasting your day with a glass of local wine.

To read more, visit Suzanne’s site. . And dream away…