Day 191

It’s taken me 25 years to finally get a weekend away with Frank at his alma mater in Middlebury, Vermont. But it was worth the wait.

We arrived in town late Friday and set out just in time to see the last radiant rays of sun burning through the rain and lighting up the view from the Battell Bridge in a brilliant display of natural beauty.  Doesn’t it look like those buildings are glowing?

We didn’t need our umbrellas by the time the sun set but we were sure glad to have our warm jackets…and our camera phones!  In the heart of placid Middlebury the Otter Creek roars like a mighty river which is what it truly is — the longest river in Vermont. The energy of the falls was once harnessed by the Middlebury Electric Company, and it may one day soon be providing clean energy to the area if the town gives the green light to a hydroelectric project.

While the dispute over water-rights continues to rage, the bridge over the creek offers a stunning view of Middlebury’s mighty water works: a glimpse into the past and perhaps a look toward the future, as well.