Day 186

Branch Brook Park, New Jersey

Washington D.C., Brooklyn  Botanic Garden, Newark’s Branch Brook Park — I have visited all of these lovely places to see the cherry trees announcing spring in a heat of pink passion, a frenzy of fresh pollen, and a parade of promenaders. This year I also got to Philadephia, where the waterfront park that runs behind the art museum is a haze of pastel petals framed by blue sky and the banks of the winding Delaware River.

Cherry Trees in Phili

Some of you know my son John went out for the high school crew (aka rowing) team this year, and now finds himself the fourth man in a J.V. boat. This is exciting for many many reasons, not the least of which is that I will be going down to Philadelphia a few more times this Spring to watch our championship MHS Crew team compete on the Schuylkill River. Which means you’ll be seeing more photos from Benjamin Franklin, the Philadelphia Museum of Art (with the steps made famous by Rocky Balboa), the sculpture garden that runs along the river, and more!

Philadelphia Water Works

Special thanks to Sandra for the Brooklyn Cherry Blossom link, and to MyBigWalker Ed for info on where to walk in Phili.

Behind the Art Museum

John's Boat