Day 185

Kalyani's Road Home

MyBigWalker Kalyani walks and writes in India in celebration of her 50th year (just like me!), always looking for the silver lining and greater appreciation of small daily joys. On her lovely blog, A little more mittaipink every day, she chronicles a week of walking through the foothills in Southern India.

One of my resolutions for this year is to do things as differently as I can. I thought I’d try different walks on different days of the week. Though staying with the route you go everyday is  the easiest.  But mind numbing.

Monday : The Gorishola road. Past the lovely reservoir, the Durgha, the Sinclairs Hotel and the Tea Factory. The road becomes so bad past the Hotel. A favorite walk of mine until the road got so broken up in recent rain

Tuesday. Up the road to tiger Hill Reservoir,past all those holiday bungalows till the road peters out to the forest.. no I didn’t go there…not alone.

Wednesday: Raining cats and dogs

Thursday : In town so decided to go for a few circles around the Botanical garden. Looking at the festive crowds and the green lawns, I thought I should do this more often. The best part is not buying a ticket to go in. I can say  “‘Local-Walk”  and they let me in.

Friday: The road leading down to town. Ah the familiar comfort of my usual walk. Went a little longer and came back and had a nice nap.

Saturday: Repeated the same walk. The town gets too crowded on weekends  to go anywhere pleasurable.

I love Kalyani’s idea of a weekly schedule. As a self-employed writer and a self-motivating walker, I’ve come to realize this year that the best way to have a good, productive week is to decide on Sunday exactly how I am going to schedule my work, work-out, walking, community, and social time, and then stick to it. There’s a lot to be said about the power of routine, which establishes and reinforces purpose and meaning in our days and our lives,  and allows us to be fully engaged in our present activity, with the knowledge that the rest of the day will go as planned and we needn’t spend any mental or emotional energy deciding what we’ll do when this task is done.

I’m putting this under the heading of GRACE: Schedules and routines create and reinforce purpose and meaning in our days. I hope Kalyani agrees.