Day 183

Saint Patrick's Cathedral NYC, Easter 2010

WALK TO WORSHIP can be construed to mean the act of walking is an act of worship. In this case, it would be “to worship” as a verb (to worship/worshipping, and so on). But the sentence might also be a simple, declarative verb/noun instruction: do not drive, do not cycle, do not stay  home on your couch but walk to your  church/temple/altar/what-have-you.

On this gorgeous spring day, which happens to be Easter Sunday, I walked to several places of worship. In fact, I walked to 7 churches: 3 in Montclair, and 4 in New York City. Along the way I took some photos, enjoyed sun and the little girls and boys out in their new Spring clothes, and meditated on Grace, Generocity, and Gratitude.

In fact, I have been thinking about this three-part approach to life for a few weeks now. Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity. Here’s my feeling: happiness is fleeting, money vanishes, beauty and health are only partially in our control and are limited anyway. But grace, gratitude, and generosity can be yours no matter your age, place in life, wealth, influence, or even the circumstances of your happiness.

I’m sort of tired out from all the walking I did today (besides walking to worship I walked the New York Auto Show and then walked up to the Apple store on 5th Avenue & 60th Street). But I promise to have more on this soon.

Johnny, Minnie, and me


Get Out Your Magnifying Glass...that's Me on the St. James walkway today!