Day 176

I cannot tell you how much FUN it is to receive your pictures and hear your stories. You could have heard my jaw drop when I opened an email and found gorgeous pictures from Kalyani (third from the left, flanked by her daughters) who lives and walks in the foothills of India, near the southern tip of the country.

Yes, I did say INDIA. Kalyani says:

I live in Ootacamund, India where walking is easy because the climate is cool and the surroundings green and full of great views. The only snag is one has to walk up and down the hills.I have been inspired a lot by your blog, even starting my own to record the positive things happening in my 50th year. And to walk too.

I’m hoping we’ll have a guest post from her next week, but in the meanwhile you can check out her lovely blog — in honor of her 50th year — here. It’s called mittaipink, a reference to the India’s equivalent to our expression, stop and pick the daisy. In India, they say, add a dash of miitaipink. And that’s what Kalyani’s done!

Closer to home, (but not that close!), I’m thrilled to welcome Amy from California to MyBigWalkers. She says, I am a kindergarten teacher, aspiring writer and blogger, mother of three grown-up daughters and am in training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to be held in Santa Barbara, California in September 2010. I had a minor setback when I broke my ankle in January but I am just now getting back in to my hour a day walk.  I love your blog because it encourages me to keep writing and keep walking.

I’m looking forward to hearing updates on Amy’s progress, and to posting photos from the Avon Walk in September.

Folks, stories like this are inspiration for me. So consider this your MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATOR…finding friends and fellow walkers around the world!