Day 170

Thanks to all who were glad?! willing to hear me grumble and complain yesterday about walking in the rain (not).  It’s reassuring to know that other people  also struggle to get up and get motivated, and sometimes it’s precisely the people who seem most happy and together whose personal revelations surprise us the most.

For better or for worse, my husband Frank is NOT one of those people. I have lived with the man for more than twenty years now and can honestly tell you he is rarely grumpy, discouraged, or down. It can be damn ANNOYING to live with a person who always sees the glass half full and the tides always rising. But most of the time it is pretty splendid.

Here are some pictures from a long, lovely walk we took this weekend at Ocean Grove on the first day of spring.

I’m really glad I took these pictures. Sometimes it takes a bunch of photographs to remind me that sunny days are right behind us, and just ahead, as well.