Day 162

Photo from NYTimes

What a mess! This morning’s New York Times featured a pretty dramatic picture of a house in Scarsdale nearly decapitated by a fallen tree, and up in Northern Jersey there were power outages, electrical fires, roads blocked, schools closed, rivers flooded, and a general muddy mess for the rest of us.

Of course my yard was fine. Nary a broken twig. Well, hardly. In fact, while I saw lots of PICTURES of downed trees on Facebook and local websites like Baristanet, when I went out walking this morning at 9 there was very little that hadn’t been cleaned up, removed from the road, cordoned off by yellow tape, and generally put back in order so that Monday could start up as…Monday.

Our (dwindling) tax dollars at work, folks.

At a time like this I can’t help but remind people myself that we pay taxes so that we can pay other working men and women to do the jobs that provide us with the services we need, want, and have come to expect.

Photo from Baristanet

Want fallen trees cleared, road drains cleared, trains and buses to run on time, and schools to be safe, efficient, and effective? That’s what our taxe$ pay for. Taxes aren’t just somebody siphoning off our money and putting it in a tax-shelter-beach-house down in Avalon (okay, maybe they are in Albany, but we’re getting rid of those guys, right?). By and large  taxes pay garbage men, DPW workers, police and fire department, postal workers, safety patrols, road maintenance, etc. In other words, our taxes pay to keep up streets, services, and safety.

So if you were glad to see that tree that came down on your street removed in a timely, safe manner, maybe today would be a good day to think about why we pay taxes, and why we don’t mind paying taxes as long as we’re getting something for our money. Right?$!