Day 161

If you’re one of my favorite food bloggers, the Diva Indoors, no sunshine = no problem! Just stay inside on a gloomy Saturday afternoon and whip up some Lemon Sunshine Cupcake Minis. That’s what adorable Bernadette did this weekend, and you can find her recipe on Diva Indoors: Food, With Love.

If you’re a BigWalker, of course, you have to bake, walk, and then eat the goodies. Which isn’t such a bad idea. I know a memoir writer and scholar who bakes herself batches of biscotti but only allows herself to eat those biscotti at her desk, while she’s working.

So here’s my  Monday Morning Motivator for those of us who are sick sick sick of the rain (oh oh, sounds like somebody’s having a little trouble remembering that April showers bring May flowers!).

Whip up some lovely Lemon Sunshine, get your booty moving, and reward yourself after your walk with a special treat.

(And remember I did say AFTER your walk. No fair stuffing your pockets and nibbling along the way. Certainly I’d never do something like that. Never. Ever)