Day 157

I was out in Sag Harbor almost a week courtesy of Leslie, whose mom owns a gorgeous contemporary house filled with sunlight, a couple of Jasper Johns prints, an original Frank Stella, and a lot of sculptures that look like a cross between little people, trees, and fire hydrants. It was all pretty spectacular.

But wait, you’re saying. What’s that got to do with Angels, Health Care, and Sex?

It’s a little secret I learned from Leslie, the consummate journalist: Angels, Angelina Jolie, Health Care, and Sex are among the most popular searches on the internet.And so the headline — sorry, faithful (another hot internet search word) readers — is simply a ploy to bring fresh eyes to this site.

So WELCOME VISITORS. I invite you to lace up your walking shoes, touch your toes a few times, and join us on this year-long walking project. You can walk as much or as little as you like: just make a commitment and stick to it.

Spring is coming. What are you waiting for?