Day 146

When Natalie and I left our sons at the West Point Military Academy boathouse for a crew training session this weekend, we climbed up the staircase through Kosciuszko Overlook and found ourselves in a Hogwarts-like maze of buildings, balustrades, overlooks and stone bridges.

The view was breathtaking. The campus was quiet. And the roads were unmarked.

We could see the river far below us. But when it came time to head back down to the shore, we couldn’t figure out how the heck to get there.

A military officer on campus gave us intricate directions that led us around a large building and right back to the place where we’d last seen him (he was gone, of course!). A cadre of cadets in sweats, who were jogging by, said they had “no idea” which path led to the river.

Eventually we decided to keep going downhill, and in no time at all we were back where we’d started. I don’t know what out little adventure says about our national security, but West Point sure is a pretty place to visit.

I have only two pieces of advice. First, dress for the windchill, not for the air temperature.  And second, bring your own map.