Day 143

Pulling on boots, hats, gloves and scarves is nothing compared to the effort and yes, folks, the sheer imagination it took Pam to find her cross country skis and poles.

My skis were carefully placed flung in a corner of our basement workshop, and all I had to do was crawl around the oil tank and knock a pile of paint cans out of the way before blowing the dust off the boots, wiping the rust off the poles, and shoving the whole package in the car in preparation for my outing with Pam.

Being the kind of person who likes to be prepared ahead of time, Pam began searching for the skis about five minutes before we were supposed to meet the moment the snow began falling.   She scoured the house (and her house is bigger than mine!). She searched the basement, the garage, the closet under the front staircase. She even checked under the bed.

Finally, Pam did the unthinkable. SHE CALLED HER HUSBAND.

“Pam,” he said. “They’re behind the refrigerator. Of course.”

Of course! Even I could’ve told her that.

Pam and I met. We skied  We laughed. We sweat. We burned hundreds of calories. Then we went to lunch.

Of course.