Day 142

I have not been sitting on my A#& folks. I have been walking New Jersey, hiking West Point, and cross country skiing in High Point State Park. In fact, as you’ve hopefully noticed, I’ve been too busy to keep up with the blog. But I have been walking. Best of all, I’ve been striding through Costco, where my book The Miracles of Prato is now available in paperback!

I’ve posted this picture here because it was pretty pathetic and embarrassing to go into Costco and take 8 pictures of myself holding up the book. It wouldn’t have been so bad if people (err, someone anyone) had come up and asked what I was doing. Then, of course, I’d have GLADLY explained that I’m the co-author of this wonderful book set in Renaissance Italy, and that it’s a riveting story about a real painter Fra Filippo Lippi who happened to be a monk under the patronage of the Medici when he had a love affair with a beautiful nun who posed for his Madonna paintings.

But alas. No one asked me for an autograph. No one asked if I was an author. No one even noticed me.

So I went back two days later. Walked the aisles again. This time there were no books left….because they were sold out! Yes, thousands of copies of The Miracles of Prato are being sold in Costcos across the country at this very moment.

All I have to say is thank goodness! I didn’t think I could stand the crowds that would’ve gathered around me if I’d pulled out my camera again.