Day 132

My ersatz tramp through Eagle Rock Reservation last week was stymied by road blocks, police cars, patrolmen, and a neon sign flashing DEER HUNT TODAY.

Being dressed in exceptionally chic and slimming all-black (what else?) and walking my all-black dog on a camouflaged leash, I was more than happy to skirt the perimeter of the rez right back to my car and scoot over to the Mills Reservation where the only wildlife I’ve ever seen is young people sporting lip rings.

The Essex County deer hunt will be taking place every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the month, at a cost of $80,000 to taxpayers, according to a report on Baristanet.

In principal I am opposed to hunting in small residential areas  (go ahead, call me a bleeding heart). But more importantly, let’s hear what Marisa Tomei has to say about hunting deer.