Day 128

My friend and fellow-walker, fellow-blogger, fellow-writer Laura Schenone — shown here with her dog, Lily — recently shared some stirring thoughts on Haiti and the human condition on her Jellypress blog.

Reflecting on courage in the face of catastrophe inspired by her reading of Irene Nemirovsky’s gorgeous and tragically unfinished novel,  Suite Francaise, Laura writes:

I am so taken that someone amidst catastrophe and on the brink of death would understand that “our ordinary day-to-day lives” matter.  I suppose that when women write or paint about domestic life, they are addressing this enduring part of what it means to be human, and in this fact something deeply true.  And this helps me justify what I do.  Sometimes this in itself is art, and sometimes even a step toward what I imagine to be god. Still my questions remain not entirely resolved.

You can read Laura’s entire post here.

And come back tomorrow, when I’ll be adding Laura and a few new friends to MyBigWalkers roster.