Day 127

Instead of walking for an hour yesterday, I took part in a wonderful benefit for Haiti organized by Yogadesha, the yoga studio up the street from my house.

I absolutely love combining many aspects of my life and interests into a single hour of activity, and this pulled together yoga, exercise, friends, and compassion. Best of all, proceeds from the event are going to the group Partners in Health, which is affiliated with the Harvard Medical School and brings medical care to the poorest nations and people in crisis.

PIH is organizing their 10th annual Urban Walk for Haiti on March 27th in Boston. It’s a 3 hour walk and all proceeds will go directly to work on the ground in this small, beleaguered nation. If you live in the area, I hope you’ll consider walking for Haiti.

So what’s the Monday Morning Motivator?  Let your  heart & your conscience guide you. Don’t be afraid to break out of your conventional ideas about walking, giving, and living.  If today’s “walk” is a yoga class instead, do it. The sidewalk will be there tomorrow. And I’ll be on it.