Day 122

People like to ask me what I’ve accomplished so far on MyBigWalk. I’m never sure exactly what they’re asking, and so I’m never sure exactly how to answer.  I haven’t lost a lot weight, been invited onto a celebrity t.v. show, or made any surprise appearances on morning talk radio.  The one thing I have noticed for sure is that my fingernails are stronger (probably from the steady supply of Vitamin D).  I don’t know if that’s the kind of big ticket results people are hoping to hear, or whether it’s exactly the kind of ho hum why bother answer they were expecting, so I usually keep that little detail to myself.

Then yesterday, while I was walking with Sarah,it came to me out of nowhere  that I have enough. I don’t mean “I’ve had enough!” I mean that I have enough of everything I need. I was on my way back to the house, some of my extended family was coming for a relaxing Sunday dinner, and I asked myself what would happen if every morning, before all those other voices of doubt and denial and insecurity have their chance to swing from the rafters of my drafty old brain, I just woke in the morning and said, before getting out of bed, I have enough.

So I tried it. I have enough. Maybe you can try it tomorrow morning, and let me know how it feels.

(illustration above from Hugh MacLeod’s website)