Day 119

Sometimes good sports psychology is good life psychology also. My friend Nanci, who’s a mental health professional, recently gave me a wonderful piece of advice on the tennis court.  When you’re telling yourself “man what a lousy shot,” or “you suck at _____” the simplest way to dismiss that interior voice is to disengage it. And the simplest way to do that is to say to yourself these two simple words: “Not helpful.”

Similarly, while I was walking with Leslie this morning, we decided to eschew our normal walk through the forest preserve in search of the sun. We walked downhill, up the road, across the train tracks, and through our local college campus, all the while repeating a mantra we’d recognized as a great rule for life: “follow the sun.”

Sometimes the best words of encouragement we can give ourselves and one another are the simplest.

So keep it simple: follow the sun.