Day 116

No, that is not me in the photo. And that’s not my dog, Sarah, either.

In fact,  just looking at this picture from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula makes me really happy to be here in my cozy living room, introducing you to this week’s guest blogger-publisher-writer Laura Smyth and her dog, Jack.

Laura writes: Walking has always been my exercise of choice, my meditation of choice, and my locomotion of choice. No Ipod, no companion, just my own pace and perhaps a notebook and pen in my pocket in case inspiration strikes.

I don’t know if it’s age or sensibility catching up with me but it seems I’ve been “quietly backing out of the room” ever since the birth of our daughter. Pushing a stroller around Brooklyn was my walking life for two-and-a-half-years as Jane and I loved our days spent at the Third Street Playground in Prospect Park.

When our family boarded the metaphorical “Park Slope-Montclair Express” and left the city for the suburbs I thought we had moved to the smallest town we would ever live in. I nearly hyperventilated at the thought of leaving the city and my adjustment was a slow one. But once we hit kindergarten I had my walking life to myself again and I could walk loops around Montclair to my heart’s content (well, deadlines permitting).

Now we live in a town of less than 200 on a spit of land that sticks out into Lake Superior and I have actually taken on a four-legged walking companion, our 1-year-old hound dog mutt, Jack-o-Lantern. And, like Laurie, I found it necessary to write about this odd new experience in a blog, Walks With Jack.

My new walks take me down wooded trails instead of tree-lined streets, or along Lake Superior beaches instead of paved pathways in Central Park. I still love the city and our old hometown in New Jersey, but this remote place feels like it’s always been home—something I never would have imagined just two years ago.

And now that I’ve discovered Laurie’s blog I can live my old life vicariously while still enjoying my new found solitude.