Day 101

Judith Lindbergh has a patch of land in South Mountain Reservation that she visits every morning. After packing her young sons up for school, Judith walks up the hill from her house in West Orange, sends the boys in to their classrooms, and climbs further uphill to the appropriately named Walker Road. From there she enters a corner of the reservation she’s come to know intimately, eventually making her way to the  roughly 1500 square foot of fenced-off forest she and a friend, along with their families, have committed to preserving, restoring, and protecting in conjunction with the South Mountain Conservancy.

Snow was falling gently Friday morning as Judith led me to her patch of land. Trying not to huff and puff too heavily (I’m a daily walker, too!) I tromped up the hill and into the woods where  she showed me the scaly looking rock for which nearby Turtle Back Zoo is named, used some really impressive words to explain an icy ridge overlooking Northfield Avenue, and led us to her patch of land.

The walk was beautiful, peaceful, and vigorous — one more walk that shows me, yet again, there’s beauty, adventure, and a lot to see and learn right here in my own backyard. And in Judith’s patch of yard, too.

So here’s your Monday Morning Motivator: take a page from Judith’s book…walk your kids to school, and just keep going! Put on your hiking boots and don’t look back until your hour is done. Take an interest in your local forest preserve, park plans, trail restoration projects, and flower gardens. Plant a tree, weed a lot, pick up litter.  You can read more about Judith’s commitment to trees, the reservation, and the county’s reforestation efforts in the Maplewood Patch, where she is a regular contributor.