Day 95

Cold?! You think this is cold?!

Well so do I.

In fact it is g#@?*amned FREEZING. Worse than freezing, it was 19 degrees without the windchill Sunday morning.  It was flurrying. And a cold wind was whipping across the small lake in Verona Park.

Actually the temperature was fine as long as you had on long underwear, many layers, a fur hat from Siberia, and no exposed skin.

And then, it was sort of…exciting.

With heaven as my witness (there was no one ELSE out with me when I left the house) I actually stepped off my front porch, looked up at the skeletal tree branches reaching across the silvery sky, felt the wind shiver around me, and exclaimed, “It’s gorgeous out!”

I did. I swear it.

And then I said (to myself) “are you nuts? It’s freezing.”

It was both freezing and gorgeous. In a cold, Ice Princess, Nordic, Viking-wrapped-in-fur sort of way.

Fortunately I had MyBigWalker Brave Betty waiting at Verona Park to walk through the wind with me. Because otherwise I might have gone back inside and waited for a warmer day. Like one in May or June.

So that’s my Monday Morning Motivation Tip: Meet a Friend. Be sure she’s waiting for you in the cold, so you have no choice but to go out and save her join her!