Day 84

The strip of Vegas, that is…

While the rest of us were fumbling with snow boots and digging hats and gloves out of the attic, MyBigWalker  Storey was in sunny Vegas, doing the strip and having a grand old time.  Here’s what she reports from that sunny tract of hotels and forever-holidays West of the Mississippi:

“Eight of my closest girl friends from college planed a trip to Las Vegas because we’re all turning 50 in 2010. We had a late night and agree to go to the gym early Friday morning.

After about a half hour of weights and tread mills I couldn’t take it another minute. It was 50 degrees and sunny and I had to get outside.

With a bit of a hangover and the wind at my back I took to the street at a brisk walk. This city had a rhythm and I found myself running ( I am not a runner). There were stairs and an overpass about every three blocks that crossed over the strip, I could see the whole city and even the mountains in the distance. The sights were amazing, I ran past “Paris,” “New York,” “The Pyramids,” Caesars, Elvis’, fountains, and strip clubs.  I got the feeling that people were staring at me wondering how anyone could be running so early after spending a night in Las Vegas.

I was wondering that myself.

But I was pumped.  I was dodging pedestrians, bounding up flights of stairs and feeling like Rocky Balboa. I stopped to snap a few pictures of Sin City while crossing over the street on the pedestrian overpass. I was invigorated beyond words. My enjoyment of this  “walk” was fabulously unexpected and with an open mind and a pumping heart (Vegas is at over 4,000 feet above sea level) and a huge smile on my face, I enjoyed the view! Viva Las Vegas!”