Day 83

Ok the holidays are getting to me.

I have one sister who’s gone incommunicado and one who lives too far away to see for Christmas. That’s not to diminish the in-law family, which is won-der-ful. But still.  I spent 5 — yes FIVE — hours shopping today, spent $#&!$*^%!$ in the grocery store and the mall, and came home to find the kitchen was a mess, there was a double batch of brownies burning in the oven, and I had no tin foil — which, if you cook the way I do (line the pan, bake, throw the foil away with the mess)  is almost as bad as being out all day and coming home to find you’re out of milk, coffee, and toilet paper.

Hey — I said ALMOST.

Worst of all, I was forced to count my 2 hours of walking through Costco and the Willowbrook Mall as my walking time. I will make it up over the next few days, adding an extra 20 or 30 minutes onto each walk until I’ve made up the true pedestrian time I’ve missed. But that walk outdoors has become something I count on to clear my head.

My salvation today is Storey, who is writing tomorrow’s first guest post. She’s been walking in Vegas (far, far better than walking the aisles, I am sure), and there are some sights to  to see there. Now if only I could start mixing those Christmas Eve cocktails tonight… like my foul-mouth friend Suzy here: